Burren Gold

The Burren in North Co. Clare is the birthplace of this traditional farmhouse cheese. The rugged Limestone hills are interlaced with rich fertile valleys in which pedigree Friesian cows graze the lush herbs and grasses for which the region is renowned.Ben is our Cheesemaker who produces the Award Winning Burren Gold Farmhouse Cheese.


The cheese is a Gouda-type cheese. It is classed as a farmhouse cheese because we use unpasturised cows milk. Ben is our Cheesemaker who produces the Award Winning Burren Gold Farmhouse Cheese.

Steps involved in the Cheesemaking Process
The hot morning's milk is piped into a large vat, where it is gently warmed and allowed to ripen. Rennet is added to produce a firm smooth curd, which is stirred and cut with special knives. The curd is transferred to the moulds, pressed and turned at intervals for four hours. It is then salted in brine, washed, dried and placed in the cheese store to mature.

The flat round cheeses with rounded sides are fully matured to produce a firm texture and unique creamy taste. This subtle and lingering taste is highlighted by the addition of fresh ground black pepper or a mixture of chive and garlic and smoked with oak chips producing an unsurpassed flavour.

When fully dried, the cheese is waxed by hand; this prevents moisture being lost from the cheese.

You can come into the Farm Shop and sample the cheeses for yourself and see the ongoing process; as well as cheeses there are a vast array of pickles, jams, pestos, oils and spiced vinegars. Local jams, homemade jams and jams especially made for us. Brown Bread mix and potato bread mix. We also make fudge, such as you've never tasted before - up to twenty varieties each day for example triple chocolate, marshmallow and maraschino cherry to name but a few.

Ben Johnson, as well as being a Cheesemaker is an apiarist, so we have honey in combs, honey in jars and honey sticks (ideal for children in a car - no mess).
Ben is chairman of the Banner Beekeepers in Co. Clare and is available for lecturing.
From time to time he runs Cheesemaking courses. If you are interested in participating apply to Fiona for details on when the next course is being run, numbers permitting.

Cheese: Burren Gold

  • Gouda, flavoured with herbs:
  • Nettles & Garlic
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Black pepper
  • Oak Smoked
  • Cummin seed

Sizes: 500gm, 4kg, 8kg, 10,kg

Milk: Raw Milk, produced from grass milk only.



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