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Durrus Farmhouse Cheese started with a large pan on the farm kitchen stove in 1979. Using the milk from her eight cows Jeffa Gill was one of the early pioneers of Irish Farmhouse Cheese production. The first cheeses were sold to local shops and restaurants and over the years as the cheese became recognised for its high quality and distinctive flavour the "Durrus" has found new customers in specialised cheese outlets in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the States. It is found in the very best cheese shops and regularly served in the most famous hotels and restaurants.

DurrusCheese: The "Durrus" is still made on the farm in a small dairy which satisfies all hygiene and quality control regulations. It is made in a copper vat and the curd is cut using a cheese harp and turned into moulds where it is hand turned five times before evening. After draining overnight the cheeses are immersed in a brine bath before being taken to the curing rooms. There they are turned and hand washed in cool humid conditions until we are satisfied that they are ready for packing and despatch to our customers.

A good cheese needs top quality milk and the excellent Friesan herds of the Buckley and the Dukelow families supplies the milk on a year round basis.Jeffa Gill and team at Durrus Cheese produce this West Cork cheese and continue to ensure that the "Durrus" is a top quality hand made cheese with an unique flavour. The cheese which matures well into a deeper and fuller taste, has won a number of Irish and International awards for excellence and is consistently reviewed favourably by food journalists.

Durrus Farmhouse Cheese is produced in a registered dairy (IRL 1802 EEC) and in compliance with the following quality standards:

EU 92/46
National regulation SI No. 1.1996
Specialist Cheesemakers Code of Practice


The cheeses are regularly tested by the Department of Agriculture and additionally the cheeses, brine and milk are regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure customer confidence in this quality product. Member of CAIS, Specialist Cheesemakers Association and Fuschia branding initiative.

SIZES: 1.5Kg suitable for cutting.
380g rounds

DESCRIPTION: A rind washed semi-soft non pasteurised cow's milk farmhouse cheese.

FLAVOUR: Mild and creamy with a deep aftertaste when young. Stronger and fruitier flavour when mature.

INGREDIENTS: Cow's milk, starter culture, rennet and salt.

USES: On its own with fruit, especially pears.
Chopped into cubes and used in a green salad oil and vinegar dressing.
Sliced and melted on toast.
Can be used successfully in making 'raclette', with excellent melting qualities.

APPROPRIATE WINES: Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot with younger cheese. Shiraz with mature cheese.

RIND: Washed natural rind which develops naturally whilst the cheeses are being turned and cured daily. When young, the rind is creamy to pink. As the cheese ages, the rind develops its own moulds and becomes crustier on the outside.

CHEESE CARE: The Durrus should be stored in a refrigerator, loosely wrapped. Always bring the cheese to room temperature before eating to enjoy its full flavour.


Muiris Kennedy (Bord Bia) and Mary Coughlan

Muiris Kennedy (Bord Bia) and Mary Coughlan (Minister for Agriculture & Food 2004-2008) presenting Jeffa Gill with Supreme Champion Award (IFEX Awards 2005)

  • IFEX 2000 Triple Gold winner:
    > Best Semi Soft Cheese.
    > Best Farmhouse Cheese
    > Overallsupreme Champion.

  • Gold Medal winnner at the British Cheese Awards 2001.

  • Supreme Champion and Farmhouse cheesemaker of the Year( IFEX)
    in 2005 and 2006.



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