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Fermoy Natural Cheese Company, which is run by Frank and Gudrun Shinnick, boasts a range of award winning Farmhouse cheeses produced on their farm located on the outskirts of Fermoy in County Cork in southern Ireland. All the milk used in the Shinnicks' cheeses comes from their own herd of pedigree Friesian cows grazing the fertile pastures of the Blackwater River valley. The long grazing season on quality Irish pastures produces the very best of raw milk.

At present they produce five different cheeses ranging from their recent Gold Medal winners: St. Gall and Cais Dubh to the popular St. Brigid. They have a soft cheese called Cais Rua and a very mature cheese called Hibernia. Both St. Gall and Cais Dubh won Gold Medals at the World Cheese Awards held in Dublin from September 29th to October 1st 2008.

  • St. Gall is a hard cheese, wheel shaped and weighs approximately 5kg. It is a natural rind cheese. Young St. Gall is springy in texture with a mild milky flavour, but as the cheese ages up to eight months and beyond it develops a yeasty bite that gently stings the palate. It is a good cooking cheese as it keeps its flavour well when melted.

  • St. Brigid is a loaf shaped, semi hard cheese and weighs approximately 3kg. Its mild creamy flavour has made it a hit with young and old alike. It is also a natural rind cheese. It looks well on a cheeseboard for discerning dinner guests and goes down a treat in school lunch boxes.

  • Ca is Dubh is a hard cheese wheel with a black rind. It weighs approximately 5kg. It obtained a silver medal at the recent World Cheese Awards. It is also available with Fenugreek. Cais Dubh with Fenugreek won the gold medal award for flavoured cheese at the World Cheese Awards.

  • Cais Rua is a soft smear ripened cheese with a red/orange rind. It weighs approximately 2.5kg.

  • Hibernia is an extra mature one year old cheese. It weighs approximately 12kg. Cheese connoisseurs enjoy the mature flavours this cheese offers. Unfortunately it availability is limited.



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Fermoy Natural Cheese Company,
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